Can Your Tie Really Make You More Attractive?

Can Your Tie Really Make You More Attractive?

There are so many tips and tricks as how you can attract women. And we bet your wing man has given you endless tips, but today we are going to give you some he has never given you!


First, it starts out with your tie. Why? Because your tie reflects some of the qualities you have as a man.


Based on a study by "GQ" Women deemed 5 qualities to be the most attractive for a man to have. Today, we are going to help you reflect these qualities based on your tie choice.


Remember first impression predict the future.



Have a Good Sense of Humor

Women desire to have a man that no matter the situation her man will be capable to make her laugh. The ability to laugh things off and move forward in life with positivity is useful and can act as a sound pillar in any relationship.

The Pineapple Crush is the tie to reflect that. A casual playful design brings in a first impression of fun and humor. This tie is excellent for conversation starters and for reflecting a man with a good sense of humor




Confidence is a Must

Can your wardrobe really reflect confidence? Let's see what social scientist Adam Hajo had to say, "Your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood, health and overall confidence". Scientist call this phenomenon "unclothed cognition" to describe the effect clothes have on reflecting and having confidence. So you tell us now, does your tie really matter? To tell you the truth, your tie really does matter.


So what tie portrays and gives confidence? We got just the one for that. Take a look at the Anastasia. This slick white base tie with a light touch of floral print is just the tie for the job. It is a tie that is bold enough to catch the attention of others, while being classy enough for you to rep anywhere.




Adventure is Out There

Who doesn’t want a good time? And better yet who doesn’t want to adventure? The Marti Gras is the perfect tie to reflect adventure. The handmade tie's bold and elegant color pattern catches the eye of anyone passing.


An adventure is always out there when one is wearing The Marti Gras.




Emotional Intelligence

This tip is the one your wing man will always leave out. And is the tip most men truly don’t understand or desire to understand. To get to the point emotional intelligence goes hand in hand with communication skills.


Women tend to be more emotional than men, so men it might be tough for some of us to tap into those feelings. Don’t try and overdue yourself by putting on a Shakespearean performance to show you have emotion when talking about your bad day. Instead simply show signs of trust and be willing to discuss feelings that might push you out of your comfort zone.


Women want to know when they have impressed you, made you happy and even when they have made you sad. These gestures show you care and send signals of trust and emotion.


To reflect you emotional intelligence in your outfit, trust us, there is no better way than doing it than with The Pink Sand.




One of the hardest qualities to earn and maintain. Trust is what separates who only gets the first date and who receive multiple after that. Like most of us, women want to surround themselves with people that are there for them and that are reliable. This means punctuality, kindness, and respect all play a huge role in building trust.


The Calvin is one of those ties that reflects trust. The simplicity in design brings the first impression of a man who is respectful and reliable.


Even back in the day men wore all sorts of accessories that were thought of as "attractive". We have put together a list of 4 (hilarious) accessories that men used to love.  


The best guide for selecting a tie to reflect who you are and your personality. Get a tie that matches with what you represent.