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Land of the Free

Land of the Free

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Celebrate freedom in style with the "Land of the Free" tie. Made from 100% cotton, this tie pays tribute to liberty and independence in a fashionable way. The textured fabric showcases patriotic motifs, reflecting the spirit of our great nation.

Handmade with care, Ty's Tie offers you some of the best skinny ties available. Crafted from high-quality imported fabrics, each tie is designed for both comfort and style.

Key Features:

  • Approximately 2.5" wide at the tip
  • Approximately 58" in length

Featuring a distinctive 100% cotton construction, these ties exude quality and durability. The fabrics used ensure a pleasing tactile experience that will leave you impressed.

Perfect for various occasions, such as weddings, dances, and missionaries, the "Land of the Free" tie allows you to proudly display your sense of patriotism in a timeless and dignified fashion statement.

Caring for this tie is easy—simply dry clean it to maintain its appearance and longevity. Avoid placing it in the washer or dryer, as this may damage the fabric and compromise the integrity of the stitching.


Embrace your love for freedom with the "Land of the Free" tie. Order yours today and make a statement that showcases your pride and patriotism.

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