Are Floral Ties In Style?

Are Floral Ties In Style?

Power to the Flower

This year, flower ties are power ties. The secret to amping up any formal wear you have is by having the finishing touch of a floral tie. Their part psychedelic and part grandma's house, which means in 2020 they are something special! Maybe there is such thing as a power flower, because based on the research we performed over 75% of our responses claimed they own at least one floral tie. While floral ties have been around for a few years now, never have they been bigger. They are the most googled form of tie there is. This could be because floral ties can go with any season and are so customizable. They can have any range of colors and prints. We aren't even joking, check these out.


Floral ties can be very simple and elegant: The Anastasia

A white and blue floral tie. An affordable wedding tie. Discounted Ties


Floral ties can be bright and bold: The Marti Gras

A Bright and bold floral tie. Bright pink, dark blue and teal floral tie. World's best floral ties


Floral ties can be calm and settle: The Dahlia

A bold blue and white floral tie. Ty's Tiess where Ties Are Made For Life's Biggest Moments


Floral ties can be good for the summer: The Bella


Floral ties can be good for the winter: The Cochella

Black, blue and pink floral tie. Incredible tie in combo with a black suit.


Floral ties can be good for the Fall: The Gardenia


Floral ties can be good for the spring: The Islander 



Wrap Up

To be frank with you… Floral ties can be good with any season and any fit. There is always a pattern out there that can be the secret touch to amping up any wardrobe. And after three years of selling handmade ties each year a floral tie is always our best seller. Don’t let the facts do the talking get yourself one or another floral tie and let that tie do the talking!


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