Where Can I Buy Good Ties Online?

Where Can I Buy Good Ties Online?

Guide to Buying Ties Online

It's honestly a scary thing, buying online. Who knows what will actually come in the mail to you. If the colors will reflect what was pictured online or if it will be a total let down. In our experience we have found tie shops that just don't deliver. Whether it be that their product images don't match what it looks like in reality or simple the quality of the product itself. This guide will save you the let downs and head aches of buying ties online by giving you 5 tie shops that have never let us down!

Here is our list and guide of buying ties online. We are going list in order the best places to buy your next tie and a few places online that have not delivered with high quality ties.


1. Ty's Tiess - Ties Made For Life's Biggest Moments 

Absolutely nothing can beat handmade ties. The affordability Ty's Tiess brings to the table for custom handmade ties is incredible. Ties that normally cost in around $45 and $60 are listed at $23. But, honestly the price of the ties is the least differentiating factor of Ty's Tiess it is their styles that make the difference! With over 60 styles to choose from right now, Ty's Tiess almost weekly releases new styles, making it is almost impossible not to find the tie of your dreams.

Amazing selection of floral ties. Some say these are the best ties that have ever been made, lets see what you think

Final words: if you want affordable custom handmade ties, Ty's Tiess is the option for you.

Price: $

Quality: HIGH

Styles: 60+


2. Bloomingdales - The Finest of Them All!

Now these are the ties you might dream of. Bloomingdales consistently has huge sales of almost 30 to 50% of their ties. If you aren't afraid to spend some on a tie, then this is the place for you. They specialize in silk ties. If you are looking for a classy silk tie Bloomingdales will deliver every time.  Perfect for work and formal events, you will find a large selection of solids, stripes and polka dotted ties.

Final words: looking for a tie to impress those around you or need a tie that is classy than Bloomingdales has your back.

Price: $$$

Quality: HIGH

Styles: 100+


3. Tommy Hilfiger - Where Formal Meets Its Match 

After being in the tie business for a while now, we know when we see some real ties and Tommy has 'em. Their classic look goes with any suit. Their ties can really transform any outfit in to an eye-catcher. They have all the basic patterns you will need and a wide variety of color choices. Trust us when we say these ties are quality and if you don’t, then you are going to have to get one for yourself and experience it!

Final Words: looking for neutral color ties that are of high quality Tommy Hilfiger is the place.

Price: $$

Quality: HIGH

Styles: 25+


4. Brooks Brothers - One Tie, One Destiny

The thing about Brooks Brothers that sets them apart is not just their world class ties, but their featured tie bars. If you get your hands on one of those you really are a lucky man. They have tie bars ranging that feature Manhattan's skyline to Anchor tie bars that add a signature touch to their handsome tie selection. Get one of these ties for yourself and you might be the next CEO. You have the classy silk, polyester and even knitted ties.

Final words: If you want a tie that means business that speaks Brooks and Brothers.

Price: $$

Quality: HIGH

Styles: 50+


5. Express - Ties That You Can Express Yourself With

Express is quality and choice. They have enough tie styles that you will be sure to find a style you want and you can be 100% confident that the tie that will be delivered will be of preteen quality. They have floral, solid and NBA styled ties. Pretty awesome if you ask us. Best part of their selection is it is always buy 1 get 1 50% off online, can't beat that!

Final Words: Express has ties that fit the need of a man who likes sports but has class.

Price: $$

Quality: HIGH

Styles: 60+



The world's best skinny ties. This isn't any joke, these ties transform any wardrobe.

To help you avoid the nightmare of not getting what you ordered or receiving a tie that doesn't meet your expectation. This guide was broken down by price, quality, and selection of styles so that you can easily find the tie shops to use when shopping online. Thanks for reading this short guide! Now you will know where to buy ties online!


Now that you know where to find the best ties online, you might want to learn how to match with those incredible ties you might just buy. want to learn how to match with your tie? Here is the spot for you!