Handmade Cotton Ties

Handmade Cotton Ties

Cotton ties are in style, not just for the summer months… but why?

From a shrubby plant part of the Mallow Family, the small sticky seeds separated from wool is what the world's trendiest ties are made out of, cotton! An almost pure cellulose fiber provides a neck tie with 5 distinguishing factors:

1. Density

2. Strength

3. Lightweight

4. Affordability

5. Versatility

The material a tie is made out of directly affects the use cases and design possibilities of the neck tie and bow tie. In this short article you will surely know of the advantageous of cotton ties. 


Cotton ties traditionally used in summer months because the sturdiness of its fabric have now become a top style choice throughout the whole year. Compared to other ties such as silk and polyester, cotton ties are denser and can handle being stored by folding, as they won't crease or wrinkle as easy. This makes these ties great for those of all ages, whether in high school or in a career simply because this material can survive the ware and tare a tie receives.


You know that feeling wearing a silk tie and every hour you have to tighten the knot to keep the tie looking good? This is one of the underlying advantages of cotton ties, they stay constantly knotted. Thanks to the strong molecular structure of cotton these ties hold their shape the knots they are tied in. Whether the knot of the neck tie is a full windsor or a four-in-hand knot it will always stay tied.

An incredibly bold floral tie. The perfect tie to express a confident and fun personality.


One of the main reasons why cotton ties are mainly popular in the summer months is because of the weight of the fabric. Because cotton is lightweight, a cotton tie won't feel like you are wearing a scarf in the warmer months. In contrast wool ties are much heavy and provide much more warmth, thus they are generally more popular in the winter months. Within the last few years, most men do not like heavy neck ties. They complain of sweaty necks and collar stains. This has caused a real shift in the type of ties men prefer. Making the weight of the tie one of key component of why cotton ties are becoming popular year round.

two floral ties made out of cotton. Perfect for weddings.


Cashmere, wool, and silk ties were to go to materials for the past decade. They symbolized wealth, respect and business. But, they were expensive and had to be maintained continually or renewed. This made way for the rise of cotton ties. A material that is lightweight, dense, strong and most importantly affordable. Instead of paying $30 to $50 a tie, cotton ties made it possible to buy a tie at prices around $25! The affordability of cotton ties makes it an incredible option for anyone, especially for families and weddings.

Our ties beat out those expensive over priced cashmere and 100% silk ones.




Think ties, wide ties, heavy ties and best of all single colored ties. We have seen them all and I bet you have to… Then why is it that cotton ties always tend to have the best designs and cuts? It's quite simple, it's all in the fabric! Natural fabrics are the ultimate choice for screen printing, as they tend to absorb the ink more readily than man-made fibers do. Soft and permeable organic cotton material make for the perfect fit for any design features.  This is a leading reason why cotton ties have such a wide versatility of designs and colors. And the best part of it all is that the colors are bold and vibrant when printed onto cotton. This gives cotton huge advantage over other materials when it comes to neck ties. With ease cotton ties can be striped, floral, or any color and design you can possibly come up with.

What a Cotton Tie Represents

A cotton tie fits a man who has fun and possess the confidence to experiment with patterns. A man who has the courage to wear ties with versatility and bold colors. To us a cotton tie represents fun, loyalty and confidence. The type of tie speaks volumes about the person and is the ultimate fashion choice for men. Which is why we think the tie you wear should reflect who you are.

Final Words

We do want to mention though… Other ties that aren't cotton are great, they really are! We just have a bias when it comes to cotton ties because of how great they really are. When it comes to design and affordability you can absolutely never go wrong with cotton ties. Having been in the neck and bow tie business for a while now, we have had a lot of experience with many different materials and cotton ties have never lead us wrong!


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