Do Groomsmen Pay For Their Ties?

Do Groomsmen Pay For Their Ties?

Do Groomsmen Pay For Their Ties For Your Wedding?

color asortment of blue wedding ties.

You might be in the same position that I was in, broke and in college trying to pay for a wedding. Talk about expenses.

Quickly, you might find that the bank is running dry if you don’t plan with a budget. The worst part of it all though was knowing what do you pay for and what do you not. Especially in those circumstances where friends and family are highly involved in the wedding.

Let me tell you one thing upfront, the color, design and everything means the world to the bride and so it has to be on point!

Let's touch base on the foundation, so that way you and your boys will have sufficient time to save for one of life's biggest moments.

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Bachelor Party

This is the last hurrah! A defining moment for the guys and at times can be a little bit of a piggy bank drainer. Some travel to different cities or even countries for this event to put the spotlight on the Groom. Now this is where the groomsmen shine, they are there to plan and coordinate this celebration for the Groom.

Back in the day the Groom didn’t pay a single dime and the groomsmen would evenly split the costs between themselves. This tradition has started to die down recently and now groomsmen are not expected to pay for the travel expenses nor the hotel.

Instead it is extremely common for the groomsmen to come together and pay for the activities and food involved taking a little bit of stress off of the Groom.

Generally speaking though, Bachelor Party is the Groomsmen pay.


Travel Expenses

In most cases, especially for destination weddings, the Groom is not expected to cover travel and boarding costs for the groomsmen. However, there are a few lucky people out there who have sufficient funds to do so.

The best practice is to let your guys know the estimated date of the wedding and the costs of travel and stay during the planning phase of the wedding. This can be a great way to determine which groomsmen can be counted on for the big day. It's all about setting the expectation right.

In short, Travel Expenses, the groomsmen pay or if possible the groom pays.


Wedding Outfits

This is a crucial aspect of the wedding, what you and the boys will be wearing. While you might not care to much, trust me the Bride deeply cares about this. Every detail from the color of the shoes to the tie has to be in perfect coordination with the wedding them and will have to match.  To many time the Groom will be brief about the color of the suit or the tie and when the wedding day comes around the Bride is in tears because of the dysfunction of colors.

Who Pays for the Groomsmen Ties?

Breath taking ties for the perfect wedding look.

 In most cases everything matches and is the right shade of color up until you get to the tie… We have seen to many weddings where the only way the ties are the same color is after the photographer edits the photos. Believe me on this one Grooms this is something you want to avoid at all costs. The best way we have found you can avoid this is by biting the bullet and buying the ties your Bride desires for each and every one of your Groomsmen. This way you are 100% certain that the ties are all the same and all the groomsmen will show up with a tie!

Groomsmen Ties handled by the Groom


Who Pays for the Groomsmen Suits?

It’s a big day and it is of great importance to the Bride to make sure everything fits the look and theme. When it comes to suits, yes, they are expensive and can be a budget breaker for most. But, the details are where it counts here and don’t just tell the boys to pick up nay blue suits. I went wrong on this end and the boys and I showed up for the wedding in every shade of dark blue you can think of. A detail I wish I would have paid more attention to. A quick hack that we have seen many customers do over and over again for their weddings is by having the Groom rent his suit and send a link to his groomsmen. While it might be around $70 it is much cheaper than everyone going out and purchasing their own suit. Best of all though, this ensures everyone is on the same page and has the same color. 

Groomsmen Suits: Groomsmen Pay

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