The Birth of the Neck Tie: Why Do Men Wear Ties?

The Birth of the Neck Tie: Why Do Men Wear Ties?

Why do men wear ties?

If you put it into perspective a necktie is purely a decorative accessory. It doesn’t provide much warmth, keep you dry and many might complain that it doesn’t add much comfort. Yet worldwide neckties are worn for weddings, church, business and the majority of other of life's biggest moments. But, why?

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To fully understand why men wear neckties we are going to have to go to the origin of the necktie. Back to when the neck tie was born. A truly glorious day!


The Inventors of the Necktie?

The majority of Sartorialists (those who are passionate about clothing and fashion) conclude that the necktie was born in the 17th century, during the 30 year war in France. King Louis XIII pleaded for the help of Croatian mercenaries in the war (see image above). These highly skilled mercenaries wore a piece of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform. While these early neckties did not serve any specific function other than a decorative effect. It was a look that caught the attention of King Louis. He liked it enough that implemented the necktie as a mandatory accessory for Royal gatherings and to honor the Croatian soldiers. This accessory soon received the name "La Cravate" which still holds the name of the neck tie in France to this day.


 "La Cravate": Tie in French

While the 17th century Cravats only resemble modern day neckties slightly in design, it's what the accessory represented that has stuck around for decades.  For around 400 years the Cravat or the necktie has stuck strong as a symbol of loyalty, peace and formality. And has remained as one of the few men's accessories that is a purely decorative.


Thanks to the origin of the necktie men now have an accessory that they can wear to show off their interests, personality and confidence. Since the time the first necktie was first worn it has given men a chance to express themselves and what they represent. See what ties represent you!

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