How To Save a Wrinkled Tie

How To Save a Wrinkled Tie

3 ways you can do to remove wrinkles from your cotton tie.

There is nothing worse than when you want to wear your favorite tie and you pull it out and it has wrinkles… Whether you forgot to hang your tie up the night before or it fell off the rack, wrinkles are something we all hate. So we had to release our guide of saving your fit and getting rid of those wrinkles.

After years of designing and hand making ties we have found a few magic tricks to restoring your wrinkled ties. These tips if used, can take wrinkles out of a ties in 5 minutes or in 24 hours, you choose the tip which works best with the timetable you have.


Get Rid of Wrinkles in 5 Minutes

This is the quickest method and very effective. All you need is a good eye, a squirt bottle and an iron. Your tie was made from a custom made organic cotton cloth that was then wrapped around the base of the tie. Then an iron was used to create creases in the fabric so it would hold its shape. In the 5 minute method to remove wrinkles you are recreating those creases by ironing your wrinkles out.

First, you will want to lay your tie flat on an iron board. If you don’t own an ironing board you can lay out a towel on the carpet or counter, then lay the tie out on the towel. (This way you don’t flatten the carpet, has happened to us before) You will want to lightly spray your tie with water and use low heat on the iron. When you begin ironing your tie it is important to start at the widest tip of the tie and make your way up. After finishing the face of the tie from tip to tip flip the tie over and do the same on the back. Again, start ironing on the tip of the widest part of the tie and make your way town to the skinniest part of the tie. This will be a quick fix to any wrinkled tie.

Please be sure to make sure your iron is on low heat and slowly turn up the heat to make the crease more defining. Please have patience when ironing, if you try to turn the heat up to high or too fast this could damage the cotton and even cause deeper wrinkles in the material.

Incredible elegant tie. Never have creases in your neck tie with these tips.

At the end of this method you will have your wrinkled ties looking like these. Good as new!


Get Rid of Wrinkles in 15 Minutes

Now this one is seriously magic! The best part of this method is you won't even have to touch your tie to take the wrinkles out. You are probably thinking we are crazy, but we are dead serious. In the 15 minute method to remove wrinkles all you will need to do is create some steam!

The best way we can recommend to apply this method is to hang your tie over a the towel rod. (If you don’t have a towel rod in your bathroom you can bring a chair in and hang your tie over it.) Make sure your tie is straightly hung. Now all you have to do is jump into the shower. This is when the magic happens. The steam from the shower will help remold the cotton tie and remove wrinkles.

This has been sneaky trick that has worked to take wrinkles out of our ties and even our dress shirts! Just a quick tip to make it even this method even more effective, make sure the door is closed and put a towel at the base of the door. The more steam you can keep in the room the better it removes wrinkles.

The best ways to remove wrinkles from neck ties. A practical guide to help you save your neck tie from a death of wrinkles.


Get Rid of Wrinkles in 12 Hours

Another method to remove wrinkles in your tie is really easy. So easy in fact, you can remove the wrinkles while you are sleeping! With the simple 12 hour method to remove wrinkles all you will need is your tie and a corner.

Take your tie and roll it up! Ensure you start with the narrow end and semi-tightly roll up your tie up until you reach the end. When your tie is rolled up, place your tie in the corner of a drawer. This will reform its shape and revive your tie. Keep your tie there for 12 hours and expect a renewal of your tie!

 How to get wrinkles out of your ties. Best guide for removing creases in your neck ties.

Soon your ties will be looking like this. Trust us, these tricks for removing wrinkles from your neck ties work like magic. 


Get Rid of Wrinkles in 24 Hours

This is another method we have used to remove the wrinkles  out of our ties. It is simple and will require a few books. You college students better be ready with your text books!

In the 24 hour method to remove wrinkles place your tie flat on the counter top. After placing your tie on the counter top you will place textbooks or any other book to flatten the tie. You will keep your tie like this for 24 hours. This has been an effective way to remove wrinkles out of your tie. Simple, but useful.

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Thanks for reading our simple guide of how to remove wrinkles out of your necktie without having to take it to a dry cleaner. We hope that this brief guide helps save your big day from a wrinkled tie!

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