How Should I Care For My Neck Tie?

How Should I Care For My Neck Tie?

Preserving The Life of Your Tie

A tie is the signature mark on men's formal wear. It is the stand alone piece of clothing that can be fully customized and has millions of variations. And to us, it is the most important part of our outfit. With this being said, we really care about taking good care of our ties.

How to guide of taking care of your neck tie. Best tips and practices for keeping your neck tie looking good as new!

All Ty's Tiess are made by hand to the highest quality. This guide is dedicated to give you some simple tips and tricks that anyone can do to care for your necktie. If these tips are applied your ties will maintain their high quality significantly longer, the necktie's color will remain bold and your necktie will remain without wrinkles!


Never Leave Your Necktie Knotted

First off, never leave your ties knotted. We know it is so convenient to have the knot already there so all you have to do is slip the necktie on and tighten it up. This was the classic trick we would use as kids! Sadly though, leaving your necktie knotted creates permanent creases in your tie. These deep creases drastically ruins ties.

Never leave your neck tie knotted. The best guide for keeping your neck ties looking new.


Don’t Over Wear The Same Tie

We know it is tough not to wear your favorite Ty's Tie again for the 100th week in a row! By creating a rotation to your tie game will make a huge difference in how long your ties remain high quality. An overused tie will lose its bold colors and creases. The best way to avoid over use is to have a collection of ties that are actually worth wearing. This means out with the old and in with the new! Get rid of those ties that you never wear and upgrade your tie collection so every tie in the collection is one worth wearing. Giving your neckties a break adds to their lifespan and your significant other will greatly appreciate it.

A practical guide to keep your neck ties fresh and wrinkle free.


How To Remove Your Tie

How you take off your necktie makes a difference. When removing your tie, untie the knot by reversing the method used to tie it. It happens too often and trust us we are guilty of it to, of removing your tie by putting the small end of your neckties through the knot. While it seems faster and more convenient it is literally choking out your necktie to is death (we have had to bury  to many of our favorite neckties because of this). Like always, after removing, hang the tie on a tie rack or coat collar, or our favorite way roll it up in a tie organizer.

Professional designer tips to keeping your neck tie wrinkle free and looking new. Follow these tips to help your tie to look fresh for years to come.


"I Won't Spill"

Salsa, it is always chips and salsa. One of the biggest and most terrifying predators to a necktie is food. This sneaky lethal predator always seems to find its way to end the life of a necktie too soon. For me personally dozens of my neckties have had funeral services because of a spill. The prominent perpetrator for me is always the salsa. A pro-tip to keep your tie safe is to throw it over your shoulder or tuck your necktie in your collar. Trust us your necktie will thank you for its life!


Your Tie Will Love You

By taking the time to do these tips you will preserve and save the lives of many ties. Your best ties will remain wrinkle free and of high quality! 


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