The Do's and Dont's of Neck Ties

The Do's and Dont's of Neck Ties

The Unwritten Rules of Neck Ties

This brief article will break down the unwritten rules of neckties. It is about time someone writes down the simple truths about how to wear and preserve your neckties.


This rule book will serve to maintain your hand made tie and protect it from the dangers of life. Most importantly though, it will give you the foundational truths of how a necktie should be worn. The sooner you find out about these unwritten laws the longer you can preserve the life of your necktie and the better you can pull one off.


How you should wear a neck tie. The unwritten rules of neck ties that every neck tie wearer needs and should know.


Let's break it down nice and simple.


The Do's

The Dont's

Hang up after use

Leave your necktie knotted overnight

Roll up after use

Over use your necktie

Throw your tie over your shoulder when you eat

Untie the knot by putting the small end of your tie through the knot

The tip of your necktie should always touch your belt line

The thin part of your tie being longer than the wide part

Tie bar/pin should always be placed between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt

Your tie should never be visible from under the collar of your shirt.

These are answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning neckties. How long should my necktie be? Where should I place my tie bar? How do I preserve or care for my necktie? While some of these unwritten rules of wearing a necktie might seem obvious, but they make a world of a difference in your style.

Hand made cotton ties made for life's biggest moments. This guide will help you know the rules of owning and wearing a neck tie.


To sum it all up. Neckties are a formal wear that have a few tips and tricks to the accessory. Having been custom making ties by hand for a while now this is one of the simplest guides to wearing neckties. Although simple, it is also one of the most valuable guides for ties.


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