10 Best Neck Ties of 2020

10 Best Neck Ties of 2020

The Best Neck Ties of 2020

To save you some time, we compiled the best ties of the year 2020!  Church, wedding, or dance we strongly believe neckties are there for life's biggest moments. It is the defining part of the wardrobe for men. Now here are the top ten ties!


1. The Wish


The light jade green base with an overlaying pattern of white globed dandelions ready to be wished makes The Wish a special tie. A tie that simple and settle. It is an instant classic to add to any tie collection.


2. The Pineapple Crush

A must have summer tie. A tie with an ivory base that has a repeating pattern of ripe pineapples. Add a perfect touch to any outfit with a tie like this.


3. The Islander

A tie that makes you feel that you are in the Bahamas? Can't say no to that! With a crisp white base the tie has an overlay of floral print with lush green leaves and blossoms of pink, light blue and orange flowers that gives a taste of the tropics to anyone looking at the tie. 


4. The Retba Shores

Inspired by Lake Retba, a world wonder in Senegal, Africa. This Pink shaded tie looks like the waves of the lake when the wind blows across the water. This light pink tie wonderfully goes with any outfit and makes for a perfect gift.


5. The Lee

A tie that brings to life Luke Bryan's song "Barefoot Blue Jean Night". Patterned off of a pair of blue jeans this tie is a must have and to be honest even goes with blue jeans! Made out of the highest quality fibers of cotton, undeniably this tie has a special place in many of our customer's closets.


6. The Bella

Patterned elegantly for church events and weddings. The name Bella represents beautiful and from the moment this design hit the notebook we knew this tie was going to change the game and was going to be something special. The handmade Bella can't be beat for any wedding event.


7. The Dusky

A heather grey tie. Hand made from organic cotton makes for the perfect tie for a dark blue or black suit. It is classy enough to wear for any business event.


8. The Anastasia

A crisp white base with a classic overlay of blue blooming flowers. An instant legend in the floral tie category. The name Anastasia from the Greek origin has the meaning resurrection and that is exactly what this tie can do for any tie collection.


9. The Cotton Sky

A tie patterned off of a light blue sky scattered with white clouds. The Cotton Sky is a tie that looks incredible with a white shirt. With a little touch of blue this tie is an instant favorite.


10. The Pink Sand

Themed after the shores of Isla Harbour in the Bahamas. This tie is uniquely stitched to resemble the pink grains of sand of Isla Harbour.


This is the list of the top 10 best ties in 2020. We hope this helps ease your tie shopping by helping you find that perfect day. We strongly believe that high quality ties with incredible designs should always be affordable!


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