Should Your Tie Match Your Pants?

Should Your Tie Match Your Pants?

How To Match Your Tie To Your Fit?

If you care about style and want to have a fit that coordinates and has flow then this is the perfect article for you. Briefly we will help you determine how you can become competent enough in style to choose the perfect tie to go with your formal wear.

Let's get this straight at the start, matching. Matching isn't just color and you are good. Matching entails three factors color, dressiness and texture.

Color: is the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light. The clothes you wear coordinate and match purely based on how they reflect or emit light. Color choice is the most important aspect in matching. If you are anything like us, color matching never came natural, so we provided a small wardrobe color guide for you. This wardrobe color guide will help you determine what color of pants go with which suit tops and vice versa and most importantly which tie makes a good combo with the fits you already own!

Incredible guide to helping your match your clothes. Match your tie with any fir you have with the help of this guide

Dressiness: Jeans and a microfiber three button suit coat? Some can pull it off,  but in general they just don’t match. A t-shirt and ironed formal pants? We don’t think so either. While these are two extreme examples it really does make a point. You want your outfit to have flow and reflect the same message. Not having your t-shirt saying, "Hey, are we going to go lift" and you pants saying, "When is the conference call?". This is why matching is so important it builds trust and a strong personal brand. And in many study matching even contributes to the amount of confidence other have in you and even the amount of confidence you have in yourself. Most have felt it, when you have an outfit that coordinates and matches perfectly, it's almost like you magically just got a confidence boost, scientist describe this as "enclothed cognition".

Here is a great example of different styles matching from the head to the toe in dressiness or in formality. With this knowledge it is important that your tie is saying the same story as the rest of your outfit.

A guide for matching your tie with any fit you have. No better way to match your tie than with these picture examples

Texture: is the feel and appearance, or consistency of a surface. This is the third most important factor of matching and is generally the second thing we notice as humans. We generally first notice the color and then boom the texture just automatically hits us. Textures most obvious effect on clothing is comfort and then style. Here are a few examples of different textures in clothing:


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These pleats are made with the help of chemical application in conjugation with heat and pressure normally in cotton and polyester fabrics.

Ribbed weave fabrics

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This can include corduroy, faille, bengaline, ottoman, grosgrain, barathea, and pique.

Fur type

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These fabrics look as if they are made from the fur of an animal. These fabrics are very dense and normally heavy.


Waffle Cloth

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With a raised square or diamond shaped pattern this style is hard to be missed and is great for the winter.


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The surface of this fabric looks as if it padded or quilted with soft puffy fabric. Very appealing to the eye.


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Fabric made from fine, soft curly or wavy hair of animals. The hair is converted to woolen fibers which are then woven or knitted to make the material.

Now that you gt your matching foundation down, lets put it to the test. Here is our guide on how to match any tie with your dates a dress. You might be surprised by what you can pull off.

Wrap Up

This is just a few examples of the endless amounts of textures in clothing. But just from the example you can start to see that maybe pre-pleated and fur don’t really belong together. Luckily in most cases it is generally easy to see what fits together and what doesn’t.

Matching is important because it reflects who you are and what you represents. Your matching can influence the first impression you have on those around you. So always try and get a tie that coordinates with these three factors of your outfit: color, dressiness and texture.

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